About Ram Buddha

image#6Ram Buddha is a young man who holds and expresses an amazing spiritual essence. He sat in meditation for 6 years without food or water or relieving himself under a pipal tree, a fig tree and in a cement bunker. He was born April 9, 1990, near Lumbini, Nepal, the birth place of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. Ram’s mother’s name was Maya Devi like Siddhartha’s mother.  Some people have thought he is the reincarnation of Gautama Buddha, but Ram has said he is not.

When Maya was pregnant with Ram Bomjon she could not eat meat without becoming ill. He has been a vegetarian all of his life. He is very against sacrificing animals and eating meat or fish. Many shift to becoming a vegetarian after encountering Ram.

Ram Buddha may be the Cosmic Christ and the Cosmic Buddha, Lord Maitreya. Whoever HE IS Ram is blossoming and transforming before our eyes.  This amazing shift is reflected in his growing name from Ram Bahadur Bomjon Buddha to Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru Buddha.

His story is recorded on his videos in You Tube and the web sites that bear his name. We are watching the transformation of a child “Buddha Boy” into a young man who is blossoming and growing into an avatar, a world teacher. What a privilege to know this remarkable Soul lives upon our planet Earth. We must step back and watch this magic happen.

Ram instructed me on the inner to build this web site, “Walking With Ram” which is dedicated to sharing his teachings as I receive them and I am inspired through Heart Stream messages. Please come back often for the site is growing daily. Tell your friends and watch our comas it records the location of yourself, other people and devotees who come to www.WALKING WITH RAM.com.

Mother Mary McChrist
Mount Shasta, CA, USA

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