About Mary Clarice McChrist

Mary Clarice McChrist, smallraspberrymary-Ma (2)Mary-Ma (M.A.) is a Divine Mother, a prize-winning author of 9+ books, spiritual teacher, visionary artist, Messenger for the Ascended Masters, the Holy Family: Mother Mary, Christ Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Saint Germain. She created one of the World’s First Ascension Centers in 1973-1978 in Santa Ana, CA. She was personally mentored to be an Official Messenger of the Spiritual Hierarchy by El Morya Khan, Ascended Master of Divine Will. Her work as a Messenger was reinstated again in 1993 under Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. Mother-Mary initiated the Mother-Matrix in 1991 in Mount Shasta which *honored all Divine Mothers and Goddess of all religions and traditions. “Conclave of the Mother” brought this theme to life with another World First*- August 12-15, 1994 when more than 100 people attended this event. She continues her classes, monthly Teleconferences, healing sessions, readings and new personal coaching Self-Mastery Sessions. Mary-Ma is especially known for her Spiritual Evaluations and her new work, since 2013 with Dharma Sangha Maitreya Buddha of Napal (Buddha Boy). They created the Mary-Maitreya Center in 2015 in Dunsmuir, CA. and an outstanding web site called: WalkingWithRam.com brings forth the Enlightenment of this amazing Buddha. Mary-Ma does a yearly Wesak Celebration for Gautama Buddha on the Full Moon of Taurus. Her mission is to ascend you, the Love (Christ)-Wisdom (Buddhic) Soul Band.

Visit her Websites: www.WalkingWithRam.com, www.mother-matrix.com and soon to be posted www.Magdalene’sBlackRose.com & www.TheMaitreyaAscendsYou.com in March, 2015.

Email: mary.clarice@mother-matrix.com
Mary Clarice McChrist
Phone: 530-235-7018

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