Ascension Progress 2008-2015

5-8-08 – Blue Rose First Group Ascension with Mother Christos Aka Mary-Ma McChrist. This occurred during our Blue Rose Prayer Call. See Prayers for the Holy Family by Mary Clarice McChrist page141.

8 -15-09 Mary’s Assumption Prayer – the frequency lifts reader from the third, fourth to the 5th dimension. Highly Recommended Practice.

1-23-14 Mary-Ma ascended to Shamballa to be with Lord Buddha. She later returned to continue her mission here.

7-7-14 Twin Flame Ascension of Ram Maitreya and Mary-Ma McChrist.

12-12-14 5th -9th + Dimensional Ascension of Ram and Mary. Ram told Mary she went to level 391, Paramatman Light is at 29l. Ram – “Cool it down Ma, if you want to remain on Earth!”

1-23-15 Ram and Mary lead 22,000 beings through the Inner Plane Ascension Portal. Nine hundred fifty six (956) remained in this group pending their ascension. By 2-24-15 they were all up and through the Portal. This happened because of the “Extreme Love” Frequency of these Twin Flames. Listen to the Teleconference Recording. Twin Heart Also see “What’s The Ending Ma?” at the end of the Teleconference.

By 2-24-15 our total was at 23,561. These are all of the Love/Christ Wisdom/Buddhic Soul Band. This included Cheryl Croci’s groups of 31 and later 41 people.

Ram Maitreya – “For their sake, my spiritual family: Ma, Sylvia, the baby New Day, Kestral, and my own blood family, who have never doubted me, I will reconsider and stay upon the Earth. I dedicate my life and Love to all sentient beings. The Maitreya will dedicate our personal Love and family to creating the Golden Age upon the Earth. May this Golden Flame of The Maitreya burn free all less than the Buddhic and Holy Christ Light and Love. So be it. Om MA hung. 10:46 A.M. on 2-24-15

2-24-15 The Ascension Gateway will stay open for 25 more days until March 21, 2025 at 12:12 P.M.

2-26-15 anyone who had ever studied with Summit Lighthouse for their ascension , 357,000 people, followed Mikaelah Cordeo up through the Ascension Portal because she has been given the Mantle of the Messenger for that group. Congratulations everyone.

The ascension is rippling out throughout Earth and the Universe. Who will be next? It is important for people who have ascended to receive all supporting prayers, information and materials as soon as possible. Mary-Ma and Ram Maitreya are working on a new BLOG which is at the beginning stages called: Please “Like” this and follow for many upcoming entries.

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