Precepts of the Golden Age

Steps toward Personal and Planetary Ascension

1.) “Drop your mind into your Heart.” – Lord Buddha

2.) “Love ye one another as I have loved you.” – Jesus Christ

3.) “Teach and demonstrate Loving-Kindness.” — Lord Maitreya

4.) “Heal the World with your heart.” — Divine Mother Mary-Ma

5.) Uplift the planet through the teachings of Love and Loving-Kindness, the     Heart Wisdom of the Mother and the Enlightenment of the Buddhas.

6.) Honor all beings regardless of their sex, race, religion, tradition, nationality, health, education or ancestry.

7.) Drop judgment, comparison, analysis, of beings because it breaks the goal  of non- duality, unity and compassion.

8.) All beings are a reflection of Source God/Goddess.

9.) This is the era of the Divine Mother-Goddess, the Divine Feminine, the Feminine Christ and the Feminine Buddha.

10.) Honor thy Mother, Father, Grandparents, elders and ancestors.

11.) Promote freedom, equality, sharing of natural resources, abundance, free world trade, education, health, political choice, thorough the universal vote.

12.) Ban exploitation of people, slavery, human and drug trafficking, the death penalty. Ban war, weapons, nuclear power plants, bombs, abuse, violence, and GMOs.

13.) Honor free will as long as it does not harm others or property, promote free internet and loving relationship, marriage and the family.

14.) Uphold the Bill of Rights and The Constitution. Freedom of speech, internet, media, education, religion, traditions which do not harm other are to be encouraged and promoted.

15.) Unification of humanity through – The Christ’s Love, the Buddha’s Wisdom, Enlightenment, the Mother’s open heart and the Loving-Kindness of the Maitreya. May these all blossom.

16.) As one family humanity will harmonize heal, synthesize its positive attributes and open the doors, developing creative solutions to problems facing our current world. With fresh insight, intention and heart centered education, health care, hospice, even corporations, and political leaders can learn to cooperate and implement new solutions for a compassionate world of Loving-Kindness. Although we have a long way to go is imperative to have positive images and to hold the Divine Blueprint of what we wish to create. The purpose of these precepts is to provide the Templates of the New Day and to uphold and inspire an awakening humanity.

So be it and so it is.

The Maitreya
2:29 A.M. 7-22-15

© 2015 The Maitreya; Mary Clarice McChrist. The Mother-Matrix. All Rights Reserved. Maybe shared, if full credit is given:, E-mail: Phone: 530-235-7018.

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