The Ascension Event


What is ascension? Ascension has several meanings and has also altered over the years. In the 1970’s is meant clearing 51% of your personal karma and doing your personal mission. Then at death you went through an inner plane ascension process with your twin flame (the other half of yourself). Ascended Master Serapes Bey of the Luxor Retreat in Egypt presided. The blazing Ascension Flame was passed through your bodies and, if you passed, you attained your ascension and became an Ascended Master. You then worked from the inner planes to help the planet.

This has changed – especially recently. You can ascend and not die or go out of your body. The ascension has become a process rather than a single event. We are going up to higher and higher dimensions. This year some seem to be ascending layers of the Self. Part of you purifies and completes. This part may returning to the Monad (Group Soul Mansion) from which it came. A new higher level of you descends into your form and the process repeats once more. The ascensions in 2015 seem to be this type of ascension.

The Karmic Board, who regulates the karma, cause and affect to humanity at times will give a Dispensation to humanity in which they will allow the ascension of a whole group of souls. Case in point, would be a school shooting etc.

Christ teaches us to always call for the ascension of any dis-ceased person, even if you think they would not be ascending. Someone in form is to call for the love one’s ascension. We do not have the information or responsibility of judging anyone so please call for the person’s ascension.

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