Ascending the Love-Wisdom Soul Band

Ascending the Love-Wisdom Soul Bandboddhi tree5

After Mary McChrist’s Teleconference, “Under the Bodhi Tree with Lord Buddha and Lord Maitreya,” on January 24, 2015 at 12:48 A.M., 22,000 beings of the Love-Wisdom Band Ascended. Nine hundred fifty-six (956) are also moving into the Ascension Portal. They are preparing to move forward. Join our intentions and focus your prayers towards the ascension of this group. Ninety-one (91) have gone since last Saturday, (1-24-15) and thirty-one (31) people on Cheryl’s Croci’s call on (2-1-15.) They ascended and the next higher aspect of the self will descend into the form. It is important to do the Violet Raspberry Integration Decree at this time. Thank you family.

The shift will be noted by very sensitive people. They will realize they are now different. The integration may take 3-10 days, depending on the person. Stay in Peace; all else release. Mary McChrist

Ascending the Love-Wisdom Soul Band

We shifted from the human level,
To that which is Divine Will,
As Mother-Father of this Universe,
We claim our sublime intentions.

May the flames of our Love,
Burn free all dross and pain,
May it be the crucial in which;
All life is burned free and uplifted,
In the flames of Holy Ascension.

Maitreya Twins

May we be the Universal Gateway,
The arch and passage way for all,
To pass through as we ascend,
Unto the Mother and Father of all life,
Our Universal Parents. Amen

O Dove of Peace,
O Rose of Sharon,
O Template of the Holy Children,
We offer you all this day.
To the Feet of the Lord of Hosts
To the Lap of the Divine Mother.
To the Flames of the Maitreya.

So Be it. Amen.


As Children of the Sun,
As beads of the Holy Rosary,
We are joined in Love and Mercy,
Weaving our hearts together in Peace.


Blue Roses from Virgin Mary,
White Love from the Lamb,
Loving-Kindness from The Maitreya,
All spread across the land.
We join as one family praying,
As a country of pure Peace.

We are God’s dear Children,
Of Love-Wisdom, and Peace.

2-1-15 The Maitreya
Mother Christos and Lord Mary Buddha.
As we join together,
Our hearts as One Light,
The brilliant Light Flashes.
And we disappear from all sight.

Ascended and free now,
Our Victory we share,
O company of Heaven,
We are joining you there.

Amen, all-men, all-women, all-children, all-creation, all-One,
So be it and So it is,

Mother Christos

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